Terrorism studies at Charles Sturt


The complexity of the contemporary security environment demands counter terrorism professionals with sophisticated analytical abilities; high order decision making capabilities, refined knowledge and insight into terrorism threats, and an enhanced capacity for international collaboration and cross-cultural engagement.

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Whether you work in law enforcement or intelligence, are a policy-maker or a soldier, an adviser or a risk manager, terrorism and counter terrorism are likely to be central to your professional environment.  Our world leading and comprehensive terrorism studies program is recognised domestically and internationally for its applied approach to post-graduate education, ensuring our graduates possess both rigorous research and analytical capabilities, combined with professionally relevant knowledge and understanding that either enhances their existing capabilities or prepares them for employment in the national security sector.

We work closely with counter-terrorism agencies and departments both within Australia and internationally to ensure the Terrorism Studies program maintains a global orientation, currency and relevancy, and a multi-disciplinary approach. The program produces graduates with a holistic, in-depth understanding of the terrorism threat, and the diversity of approaches to countering it.

the Australian
Graduate School of Policing and Security

The Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security (AGSPS) is a unique institution, providing post-graduate tertiary education that is both academically rigorous and professionally relevant. As a school of Charles Sturt University, AGSPS is able to leverage the highest quality academic research and teaching capabilities, in conjunction with a staff cohort of experienced professionals from law enforcement, intelligence, and counter terrorism backgrounds. This combination sees AGSPS able to deliver world leading post-graduate education across a spectrum of law enforcement and national security related disciplines, with particular strengths in Terrorism Studies, and Intelligence Studies.

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AGSPS provides our on campus students with a unique proximity to key government counter terrorism and national security agencies and decision makers. As a function of our close professional relationships with counter terrorism agencies and departments, the School is able to provide students with a range of exclusive mentoring and networking opportunities, as well as numerous high ranking and experienced guest lecturers and professional development opportunities. Our central location enables frequent public seminars by renowned experts from across the worlds of academia, think tanks, and government. Our student cohort is a diverse mix of practitioners, recent graduates, policy makers, and analysts from across the globe, ensuring a diverse, challenging, and rewarding learning environment. The School’s commitment to teaching and student learning ensures that regardless of your level of experience with tertiary study, substantial support mechanisms will equip you with the skills, tools, and insights necessary to succeed at post-graduate study. Our commitment to ensuring that our students have positive learning experiences, and develop a rigorous commitment to empirically informed argument and analysis is informed by a broader principled commitment to scholarly practice and integrity.

Our central location also affords students with access to a range of key research capabilities. The campus is proximate to the National Library of Australia which provides students with a wealth of research capabilities. In addition to Charles Sturt's world leading electronic library resources, students will be provided access to the various local University libraries, enabling them to access the specialist resources these libraries retain, and to research further into their chosen areas of specialisation.